If you have been struggling with snoring issues or CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) problems, custom oral devices may be your best option to a peaceful night of sleep!

Hi, I’m Dr. Lydia Sosenko a general dentist with advanced training in dental sleep medicine involving the world of snoring and apnea. I have been successfully treating patients struggling with snoring and apnea for over 2 decades in a variety of clinical settings with oral appliance therapy (custom oral devices).

Custom oral devices (specialized mouth retainers) have been medically and research supported by well-trained sleep medicine professionals as:

  • a first line of treatment for snoring (without apnea)
  • an excellent option for obstructive sleep apnea – a common but serious sleep disorder which can take YEARS off your life!
  • #1 alternative to apnea treatment called CPAP(continuous positive airway pressure devices).

"A custom oral device may be your best option for snoring and apnea relief."

Many apnea individuals do not realize that they have a choice in their treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. Although CPAP remains the best option for many apnea sufferers, many others, even with severe apnea have found relief of their symptoms and apnea events with professional oral devices.

MySleepDevice.com provides comprehensive, unbiased and well-researched information on snoring and apnea treatment with oral appliance therapy. It will also point you in the right direction to a good night’s sleep and help find a qualified physician or dentist near you.

In the medical field, custom oral devices (appliances) have multiple names:

  • mandibular advancement device
  • mandibular repositioning device
  • mandibular advancement splint, and more.

These oral devices are differentiated greatly from self-molded internet type devices that you purchase on your own. There are over 3 decades of research behind oral appliance therapy which involves guidance from a trained dentist.

Whether you are just starting the path to a good nights sleep, or know you already have apnea, a serious condition often related to snoring, I am here to help guide you on your next step to peaceful sleep. If you already have a professional dental oral device, our resource section can help you towards more successful treatment.

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I truly hope that the information here helps you get to a good night’s sleep as quickly as possible.  Good, healthy sleep is such an important avenue to improving your quality of life and others’ around you. I’ve seen far too many people struggle for years and their life turn around quickly after taking the plunge with custom oral devices.

As I learn more from my commitment to continuing education in the field of sleep medicine, I plan on keeping you informed in the world or oral appliance therapy.

To a good night sleep!

Lydia Sosenko, DDS, D’ABDSM
(Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine)

Lydia Sosenko, D.D.S.

Lydia Sosenko, D.D.S.

Dr. Lydia Sosenko, author of MySleepDevice.com, is a general dentist and Diplomate of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. Dr. Sosenko has worked closely with the dental and medical communities providing oral appliance therapy for snoring and apnea patients since 1996. She remains passionate in helping build awareness of the dangers of snoring and apnea and the importance of treatments, including oral appliance therapy.