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SomnoDent FUSION Highlights and Forms

Today we are highlighting the SomnoDent FUSION dental sleep appliance.

The SomnoMed company makes the Fusion dental device. SomnoMed began its path in oral appliance therapy in 2004 in Sydney, Australia, with a North American office opening in 2006. There are over 100 professionally fabricated oral appliances for the treatment of snoring and OSA.

Features and Benefits of the SomnoDent FUSION

  • The SomnoDent FUSION has a very large range of adjustment (advancement) capabilities compared to other dorsal fin-type devices.
  • Wings (fins) can be exchanged for a larger 1mm increment advancement for 3 mm (3 pairs) and a 6 mm expansion screw range, for a total of 9 mm range.
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty 
somnodent fusion oral appliance

Helpful SomnoDent FUSION Resources


Downloadable Handouts

NOTE: Follow YOUR sleep dentist’s instructions, as this information is for educational purposes only.

Other Patient Resources

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When you implement these tips and your doctor’s recommendations, you will increase your oral appliance success rate! 

Please let me know in the comments below what challenges or questions you have about your SomnoDent FUSION sleep device! 

Here’s to a good nights sleep!

Please remember: If you’re working with a sleep apnea dentist other than me, his or her instructions will trump mine. Your oral appliance dentist can help you decide which device is most appropriate for you and your dental/oral condition. My instructions are quite general instructions and other patients can benefit from our My Sleep Device resources as well.

This article is general in nature and for educational purposes only. Please consult with your sleep health provider before starting any treatment option for snoring and apnea.