Cleaning specific sleep apnea snoring devices

How to clean and care for specific oral appliance devices

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When researching for my educational videos, How to Clean Your Oral Sleep Appliance – Part 1, Daily Cleaning and Part 2, Weekly Cleaning, I came across many different manufacturers’ cleaning and storing recommendations.

Part 1, Daily Cleaning
Part 2, Weekly Cleaning

This resource is a communication of direct information from corresponding labs of some of the more common sleep apnea oral appliance types. I greatly appreciated their guidance. 

This topic is confusing for the patients, and it is also confusing for the dental sleep medicine teams delivering multiple devices, so that this refresher may be helpful.

Remember to check with your provider first their specific care and cleaning instructions when you first received your device. If you are unsure how to clean and care for your dental sleep device, make sure to reach out to your dental sleep medicine provider FIRST, as these guidelines are general in nature. 

Today we will talk about 6 different manufactures: Whole You, Prosomnus, Somnomed, Gergens, Great Lakes Dental, and Dynaflex. I am not affiliated with any of these companies, I am just a dentist who want to see patients succeeds with their oral appliance therapy.

Cleaning a Whole You Respire Oral Appliance Device 

Respire Pink AT
Respire Pink Micro
Respire Blue

Cleaning a Prosomnus Dental Sleep Appliance

Prosomnus CA
Prosomnus PH Precision Herbst
Prosomnus IA
  • Can be cleaned daily as in Part 1 Video. Weekly cleaning (Part 2 Video) not needed
  • Soft brushes only
  • Air Dry
  • No soaking, no cleaning tablets or solutions
  • No ultrasonic home cleaning recommended

Cleaning a Somnomed Dental Sleep Mouthguard

somnomed_avant_oral_appliance_ removebg
Flex  / Classic  
  • Can be cleaned daily and weekly as in Part 1 and Part 2 Cleaning Videos
  • Soft brushes only
  • Keep submerged in water when not being worn, except: Avant and Air (Blue) — store dry
  • Can use Somtab or ½ retainer-denture cleaning tablets. 1-2 x per week is okay for 10 minutes
  • Dr. Berland’s Cleanadent unknown at this time
  • Not suitable for ultrasonic cleaning

Cleaning a Gergen Oral Appliance Device

Sleep Herbst
TAP3 Elite 
  • Can be cleaned daily and weekly following Part 1 and 2 Videos
  • Soft brush only
  • Can use liquid mild soap (hand or dishwashing) or Dr. Berland’s Cleanadent Solution daily 
  • Once weekly ultrasonic cleaning with retainer cleaners, Dr. Berland’s Cleanadent or other denture-cleaning tablets
  • Can use denture cleaning tabs weekly for 10 minutes
  • Stored dry or submerged

Cleaning a Great Lakes Dental Oral Sleep Appliances

  • Soft brush only
  • When contacted recently the only product recommended for daily and weekly cleaning was soaking for 10-15 minutes in DentaSOAK
  • Stored dry

Cleaning a Dynaflex Oral Sleep Device

Milled Adjustable Herbst White
Milled Dorsal White
TAP3 Elite
  • Can be cleaned daily and weekly following Part 1 and 2 Videos
  • Soft brush only
  • Can use liquid mild soap (hand or dishwashing) daily
  • Once weekly 10-15 minute soak in retainer or denture cleaning tablets
  • Stored dry
  • Not suitable for home ultrasonic cleaning

There are over 100 oral appliance devices being made today, so it is hard to keep up, even for us dental sleep medicine dentists, but hopefully, this guide will help clear up some confusion. Make sure to bookmark this blog since we will be periodically be updating with more devices.

Do you have a device not listed in this blog? Reach out and I will see what cleaning and care information I can find out about your sleep apnea and snoring device.

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This article is general in nature and for educational purposes only. Please consult with your sleep health provider before starting any treatment option for snoring and apnea.