Cleaning and Replacement Products for Your Dental Sleep Device

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Keeping your oral device clean from day 1 can help prevent unwanted build-up and discoloration of your oral sleep appliance.

Debris on your device can harden over time and shorten the lifespan of your sleep appliance. 

To help oral appliance patients easily find replacement or cleaning supplies, we have gathered a quick reference list with direct links to sources.

POWER TIP: Scroll down to check out our 2-part video series on how to clean your oral sleep appliance – you will be glad you did

Some sleep apnea mouthguards can simply use liquid mild soap.  And others could benefit from a deeper weekly cleaning cycle. Finding these cleaning products can be tricky, so we put together this quick reference list – How to Clean & Care for Specific Oral Appliances. Once you know what you need to clean your specific type or dental sleep device, you can find the products listed below.

Cleaning Products


Only soft toothbrushes are recommended for oral sleep appliance cleanings. Here are just a few suggestions, but any soft toothbrush, including denture brushes, that can fit into cleaning all grooves of your device would work well:

Daily cleaners

For daily cleaning, mild liquid hand or dish soap is mostly recommended. Dr. Berland’s Cleanadent is a mild, yet effective, daily cleaner that is strong to ward off harmful bacteria. 

Watch my video below for details: Part 1: Daily Oral Appliance Cleaning

Oral appliance cleaning tablets and solutions

If you have been recommended to use cleaning tablets weekly for your dental sleep device, here’s a list we gathered of recommended products. 

Watch the video below for details: Part 2: Weekly Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaners

A home personal ultrasonic may be approved by some oral appliance manufacturers. If so, here’s our recommendation.

Replacement containers or retainer boxes 

There are lots of containers and retainer boxes that work well in storing your oral sleep appliance, but patients often find it hard to locate them. 

So after looking at several local pharmacies and general stores, I uncovered that finding type containers was indeed difficult. At most, I found only one type at a store, and more often none.

So I decided to put this reference together. Several of these have been recommended by patients who currently use oral sleep appliances, so I added them on here.

Fresh Knight Retainer Case – this sturdy case is dishwasher safe and has breathing holes. Great choice! Make sure to remove your device before placing it in the dishwasher, as it is NOT dishwasher safe. 


Container with Handle and Strainer – I really like that this case has a removable device strainer and handle. One of my patients told me about this type. 


ROSENICE Case with Strainer (Sky-blue) – this case comes with a strainer, more portable than the cup model.


Somnomed Round Clear Container – if your dental sleep device is made from Sonmnomed, you will receive this container when you try out your oral appliance for the first time.


White Container with Strainer – great for traveling too!

Elastics and oral appliance advancement tools



Some oral appliance patients use high-quality medical-grade elastic bands to help keep their mouth closed when using their dental sleep mouthguard.


1/4 inch Orthodontic Elastic Rubber Bands – Medium Non-Latex


Storing Tools:

Do not store any advancing tools loosely in your appliance containers. They will rust. 

Oral appliance advancement tools when lost are best obtained from your sleep disorders dentist since they are specifically made by the oral appliance device manufacture. 

We hope you will find this extensive list helpful and it makes your oral appliance therapy treatment even more successful. 

Make sure to check out our Patient Resource page for even more helpful products that can help you have a restful night’s sleep.

We also have short informational videos on how to care for your specific device and other helpful information. Check it out! 

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This article is general in nature and for educational purposes only. Please consult with your sleep health provider before starting any treatment option for snoring and apnea.